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John Henry Rainsford

John Rainsford worked in the automotive industry for many years until the writing bug forced him to make a choice. He chose writing. The work is harder in this profession, much harder, but the rewards are more satisfying. A detective novel was followed by a work on Celtic mythology. His latest work explores the current obsession with technology, most especially in the West. Its onward march is seldom explored nor questioned, but there is a price to pay for every new invention by mankind. And the pace of technology moves faster than any law formulated by nations. 

Author's Books
And Man Created Eve

The time is the future. Robots are doing the work previously performed by humans. The replacement of workers by robots is both predictable and inevitable. The owner of the largest robotics company in the world decides to create the perfect woman. He hires the best engineer to construct her body, and...

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Queen Maeve

John Henry Rainsford’s novel Queen Maeve is set in Ireland. It begins on the day when the gates of the Otherworld are thrown open and the spirits of the dead return to the land of the living.It isn’t long before things take a dramatic turn for the worse and havoc is wreaked. War is raged, blood ...

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