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Johnny Close

Born in Adelaide in 1993 at Ashford Hospital across the road from Le Cornu, Johnny has lived in Adelaide for the majority of his life. He now lives in the regional seaside town of Cowell, South Australia where he works on an oyster farm and is writing his third novel.

Primarily, Johnny is a Marine Biologist and Ecologist by degree and a writer by trade; but is also a musician, artist, song writer, poet and sportsman who also has a great interest in science and philosophy as well as the arts.

Johnny Close has two great passions; storytelling and fishing. Whilst studying marine biology at the University of Adelaide he penned his first novel, 'The Dump', a classic coming of age tale set in suburban Australia. He brings a distinct voice to narrating the revelry and innocence we all experience in our youth.

In his spare time, Johnny enjoys pursuing all of his passions and gazing over and drawing from the Australian landscape. In his down time, he enjoys sitting on his Le Cornu bought futon and having a couple of quiet ones.


Johnny Close
Author's Books
The Dump

Johnny is misguided, being a young man with an old soul. His life is moving on, whether he is ready for it or not. His friends are moving away and the ones still around have changed for the worse in his eyes. Knowing this, his recently discovered infatuations and lust for substance are causing the b...

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