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Jonathan Fisher

Jonathan Fisher is a true survivor. He is the author of August Always, his memoir. The book has been cited by The Belfast Telegraph as “a triumph.” The book itself took the author 17 years to write, a testament to Jonathan’s endurance. In April 1992, age 22, he died—albeit briefly—from an undiagnosed Addisonian Crisis. Before then, Jonathan had a full childhood and subsequent teenage troubles. Thanks to his parents’ intervention, he was rushed to the local hospital wherein Jonathan was comatose for three months. All these details are recorded in his self-published, heart-wrenching memoir; the book itself sold out completely in the space of 6 months, leaving a Kindle version now available.

The doctors said it would be a mercy to turn off Jonathan’s life support machines. Against all odds, Fisher moved his little finger to his mother’s voice, proof of a semblance of life.

Later that year, Jonathan began the long, slow, hard road to recovery; a journey that would take him through many institutions and heartaches; spending time in the forge and on the anvil, a refining process that reshaped the author both mentally and physically.

Jonathan Fisher, the author, remains a wheel-chair user, fiercely independent, and he does not let his physical disability stop him from achieving his goals. He is a keen costume player and a member of the Emerald Garrison and Heroes Unite Ireland, professional costuming clubs who dress up as Super Heroes and Star Wars characters to support worthy causes.

Now he has crafted another masterpiece: eighteen short stories, from Fisher’s dark imagination. With frightening tales of thrilling science-fiction, adventure, horror, fantasy, rich in satire and gallows humour.

Enter, if you will, to the spellbinding world of Halloween Town in Jonathan Fisher’s latest book, Ten Minutes On Mars.

Author's Books
Ten Minutes On Mars

Welcome to a place beyond the borders of the imagination. The signpost up ahead reads Blackest Hole in the Universe. This is Hallowe'en Town, a singularity in Hell.This is a town stuck in time and located on a fault line where the magical, mystical, and supernatural intersect with the dreary and...

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Where the Stars Be Still As Bright

Come to the stellar, paranormal, majestic, thrilling science fiction and fantasy worlds created by the author, Jonathan Fisher. The writer of August Always and Ten Minutes on Mars brings you his latest spellbinding collection of stories.A universe of incredible characters. Mythical beings. A cla...

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