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Joseph Perry

Joseph Perry was born in a gulag and grew up in a little Siberian village. After Stalin’s death, his family was allowed to leave the USSR and they immigrated to Israel.

He is a retired Doctor of Mechanical Engineering, graduated from Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheva and Tel-Aviv University, Israel. He started his professional career in the field of mining engineering, working in the Timna copper mine. After that, Dr Perry has devoted more than forty years to research and development of various large and sophisticated mechanical systems. Those specializations and his abroad grade experience helped him to decode the miraculous mythological descriptions and explain them as “current, modern world” events or machinery.

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It's Not Necessarily Myth

Many people in the last century, and even today, have argued about the possibility of aliens coming to Earth with science and technology more advanced than our own. Usually, they base their proof on things like unusual phenomena and strange archaeological findings.However, in this book, Dr Perry arg...

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