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Julian Novak

Julian Novak is a dreamer whose greatest gift from God is his imagination. He once flew to Rome to meet a goddess of classical beauty he kissed in a dream. After waiting two hours in the Pantheon for the most talented singer to ever live, he discovered her stunt double in the plaza. Julian can spot a fake at one hundred paces. He can smell a Laffite signature from the same distance. He is the guy you see at the coffee shop reading the Art's section of the New York Times or the guy in a suit and tie standing in front of the Winged Victory at the Louvre, adoring Michelangelo's Moses in a church in Rome, a Louis David painting of Napoleon or just stuck in front of the Elgin Marbles at The British Museum. His love of performance places him front row for a Broadway musical or in the East End in London. His love of biographies, his love of beauty, perfect symmetry, ionic Capitals, Greek vases and historical characters living and dead makes him the neo-classical man who is always in season.

Author's Books
Tina Lake Is Alive and Doing Well in the Vieux Carré

Imagine a shy young man working for The Mob with a boss who is less than honourable and he is unfortunate enough to be in the next room when his boss is eliminated. Sharp enough to know that he must go on the lam, drop out of sight and live an invisible life. Well, our creative young man, with heart...

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