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Julianne Harper

Julianne was born in Berkshire and grew up in the rural part of Oxfordshire. In 1998, she moved with her husband to Hampshire.
Not really knowing what she wanted to do as a career, she went down many different roads. She tried Dentistry, Financial Services and Pharmaceutical Companies. She then became a GP Medical Sales Representative. She was very successful in all these areas. Julianne never enjoyed sales but was incredibly good at it.
As a child, she suffered from Bipolar depression. This was managed when she was younger with medication.
Later in life, medication was not required and the condition seemed under control. That was until she started having a problem with alcohol.
Bipolar depression and alcohol addiction took her down a very dark path and due to that path, this book was written.
Writing was what Julianne has always wanted to do.
Julianne is working on her second book, which continues to follow her painful journey on the road to ‘recovery’.

Julianne Harper
Author's Books
Idling in a Retrogressive Groove

The book is based on a true story and focuses on the lives of two very different individuals and how their paths cross....

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