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Julie Tsiricos

Six years ago the author became very ill and was diagnosed with bipolar. She was subsequently put on medication for it. Then a strange thing happened, she began writing poetry. She had never written poetry before, in fact she didn’t even like poetry.
She writes about what it is like to have a mental illness in the hope that people may understand the nature of the illness. She is now a performance poet and has performed at various mental health awareness days. Over 900 poems later she is still writing, and says thanks to her medication for bringing out her creative side!

Author's Books
I am not a Poet

‘When you have a mental illness, you are medicated for it. Most medications have side effects, some of them strange. When I was first medicated, a very odd side effect happened. I suddenly started writing poetry out of the blue. I had never written any before and didn’t even like poetry!Most of ...

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Off my head, love and other excuses for poetry

'This book covers the beginning and end of a close friendship. Some of these poems were very hard to write, but I used them as therapy. I hope that other people can relate to these poems as words they found hard to express themselves.' Julie Tsiricos...

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