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K. J. Lane

The story K. J. Lane tells of a childhood spent living inside a cult is a true one. There is a tendency to assume that all cults and extreme groups are characterized by criminal practices, molestations, suicide pacts and other sensational behaviours; that these groups are rare in our society and unlikely to have any real impact on our own ordinary, day-to-day lives. The truth is that cult activity is far more widespread than most of us would care to believe. It is estimated that there are more than 2500 operating cults in America, and more than 500 in the UK alone. This book brings to focus how a religious cult can operate within our society virtually unnoticed. To the casual observer, Kara's family appears much like any other, yet behind closed doors a madness has taken hold.
Since society still perceives cult activity as uncommon, there is very little help available to cult survivors and their families, meaning many are left floundering from their experience and never fully recover from their ordeal. Kara's story offers much needed insight into the manipulation, mind control and stripping of individuality so common within the cult environment, and brings home the devastating psychological consequences to those involved.

K. J. Lane
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Oh My God

Kara is five years old when a strange message convinces her father he has been chosen by God as a prophet and the rest of his family as disciples. Overjoyed and with extended family in tow, he shares his news with fellow Jehovah's Witnesses. But instead of the anticipated rapture, his announcement i...

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