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K S D’arcy

Growing up wild and free on the sandy shores of Western Australia, K S D’arcy has always had a fond love for writing and poetry. “I have always loved to write. I use this natural-born talent to channel the emotions and energy around me, to touch, communicate, inspire and to breathe life into simple, yet delicately chosen words.”

A free-spirited artist with a passion for life, K S D’arcy is an intuitive writer who strongly feels the need to inspire depth, emotion and strength within her writing, a gift she now uses to gently touch the lives and hearts of many children all around the world. These are the very same children who she hopes will feel loved and inspired to make this world a better place. “I don’t have the power to change the world, but I have the magic to inspire the heart of the child who will.”

K S D’arcy
Author's Books
A Bad Gorilla Day

Are you having a Grumpy, Bumpy, Gurgly, Whirly, Bad Gorilla Day?Have no fear! Grumps gorilla will show you how he conquers a bad gorilla day like a champ, not a chimp.So take a walk on the wild side, learn some new tricks and tips that are sure to turn even your whirliest of days into a Great Gorill...

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A Bite-Sized Pirate

Have you ever wondered if the pirates in your dreams,Are really all that big? Really all that mean?What if there was a secret? A passcode you could roar,That would shrink these scary scallywags, till they were feared no more!“Yo ho, climb aboard, me hearties, as we set sail and discover the decade...

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Sweet Koala Kuku

Have you ever had a Big, BIG dream?Did it make your heart go thump, Thump, THUMP?Yes, just like you, Koala KuKu has a Big, BIG dream that makes her heart go thump, Thump, THUMP!With a splash of magic, a dash of courage and a little wish upon a star, come and see how Sweet Koala KuKu makes her big, B...

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Sweet Little Cub

Close your eyes and tell me, the best adventures you've ever had?Was it with your grandma, or perhaps your mum and dad?Did you get a fright, or were you brave and bold?Stories are for telling and telling they should be told.Snuggle in with Sweet Little Cub while he takes you on a grand adventure...

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