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K. T. Csernis

Known for their enchanting, action packed novels of epic length, there’s no fantasy writer quite like K. T. Csernis. Their breathtakingly beautiful stories have captured the hearts of many, and never fail to leave one on the edge of their seat. With twists and turns like no other, characters so relatable, you can’t take them off your mind, and uniquely limitless possibilities. The world they have come to create welcomes you from every first chapter. As you embark on the journeys their bewildering characters make, you’ll find you will never want to put a single one of their novels down.

“From posting online for years, to finally reaching this point where I get to hold one of my beloved stories in my hand—it’s a dream come true. Never give up. You’ll get to where you want to be.” – K.T. Csernis

K. T. Csernis
Author's Books
Warlock - Part One

Do monsters create war…Or does war create monsters?Kathrina wandered the war-torn land in search of answers, and she had done so since the day she’d escaped the harrowing despair of warlock king, Gahi.It was four years ago that the warlocks conquered Helvetes, and four long tears since Kathrina ...

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