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Karina Hubert

Karina Hubert is a life coach, yoga teacher and highly intuitive, insightful clairvoyant and tarot reader, working with her spirit guides. She uses her psychic abilities in a practical way, combined with much warmth, empathy, understanding and a totally non-judgemental attitude.

The world of tarot has been around her since her childhood like a world of fairy tales. Wherever she went, she always had a deck of tarot with her, which she worked with, and another one she studied… furthermore, life always brought somebody in her way who needed help and of course, cards turned up, too. Even now there are people who send her letters, weeks, months later, regularly writing as follows: ‘I did not believe it would happen what you told me. My life had been so different, I could not even imagine a variation you came up with. Now I know every word you said was true.’

She had created this tarot deck and has written this tarot book because she wanted to pass on some of the knowledge she gathered throughout the decades. She wanted that, if you find yourself in trouble and you have no one to turn to with your problems, you have something to reach for, calm down and find yourself. You can even see romantic and hopeless love affairs and fates that interwove and come apart to enable both parties to experience their own love stories.

The present love initiation tarot has been created because everyone desires true love. To reach this euphoric feeling we have to know that love alone is not enough for a sincere and deep relationship. Acceptance is very important, and so is the understanding of the partner’s personality and that we let them live even those plans and dreams we do not necessarily agree with, but we can stand beside them. If we really love somebody, then we grant them the freedom to be who they want to be and to be where they want to be. If we really love somebody, we let them to be a part of our lives by their own will.

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Le Grand Tarot de L’amour

Everybody has a different concept and opinion about love and feels differently while experiencing it. This love tarot was created to help you contact your spiritual leaders when you love, feel, seek, grow, and heal. It could be the mirror of your life and existence; or be the print of your thoughts,...

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