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Kerry Hancock

Kerry Hancock was born in Kent. At the age of 47, and after raising her four children, she dedicated her time to fulfilling her long-held dream of becoming an author. Kerry still lives in Kent with her partner and their two dogs. They have a shared passion for gardening and grow a lot of their own food which supports their vegetarian lifestyle.

Author's Books
The Far Shore

The Mistress and the Sworn children have entered Merdom, the fourth child must be collected. Will The Mistress survive her time there or will King Magnus see fit to take his revenge? Meanwhile, all is not well in The Warm Realm. Shayla strikes a blow to each of The Kingdoms, will The Oracle help as ...

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The Task

Darkness is coming to the Warm Realm. The magic that protects it has been broken. The Mistress, with the help of the forest creatures, must gather the Sworn children to help her discover how this has happened and who is responsible. Can the Sworn children save the Warm Realm, or will darkness prevai...

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The Black Road

The Mistress and The Sworn must take The Black Road to collect the fourth child. It is a road for the brave – a road where those of ill intent gather. Will God’s gift be able to help them make it through the gate and to The Far Shore? Will The Oracle be able to help The Warm Realm in its time of...

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