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Kirsty Lee Fox

Born and bred in a little town called Shepshed in Leicestershire, mother of two grown children and a self-taught artist, Kirsty has a vivid creative imagination and loves the idea that reading a book can take you into another world. When her children were little, she used to make up stories off the top of her head before they went to sleep. And they loved them!
Kirsty was a beautician and hairdresser before going to university to train as a psychiatric nurse, deciding to become an art therapist. Later, at a crossroads in her life, she began to draw and write little stories again. She enrolled in the local WEA art classes and then at Loughborough Art College, where she received an Advanced Diploma in Art.
Unfortunately, her vision of being an art therapist could not be realised. However, she hopes her illustrations help the reader’s imagination to take them to a place away from what is around them, cocooning them into the story as though they are there, which is a kind of therapy in itself.
Kirsty is very excited to share her first book with everyone and hopes it captures their imagination. If it does, then she has achieved her goal.

Author's Books
Joe's Magical Adventures in the Dark Forest

Set in wartime England in 1942, this book introduces Joe, a curious little boy and daydreamer.After hearing the air raid sirens, Joe goes home to find it gone. His home now in ruins, Joe sees a shard of light glowing from underneath the rubble. Going over to investigate he finds himself transported ...

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