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Lana Anderson

Lana Anderson's English teachers always regarded her highly in school and writing has been something she has always felt passionately about. She started this book ten years ago, but a change in job saw her working every hour available for the transport industry, until it finally sucked the life out of her and she decided to go see the world. This saw her return home one year later with child. Trying the transport industry again, she realized she did not have it in her anymore and needed to be more mother than boss. So she gave that away and decided to pick up the story she started ten years ago, to see if her dream of being a writer could be a reality.

Lana Anderson
Author's Books
Sekhmet - The Making of a New Breed

Eve has been raised by John and Sarah; she couldn't be happier. But when she discovers mysterious payments made into her parents' bank account her suspicions are aroused. Who is the stranger? And why are these payments being made? In Sekhmet - Making of a New Breed, author Lana Anderson applies a ...

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