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Linda Sparkes

Linda Sparkes has been on a spiritual journey for over thirty years, working as an alternative therapist, crystal healer international intuitive reader. Inspiration for the book came from working as a teacher of the Diana Cooper Foundation, its teachings focus on the elemental and ‘Angel’ world and connecting with nature and learning about sacred geometry of the environment.

All mankind has a responsibility for protecting our planet but the younger generation are rising and want their voices to be heard and taken seriously in the fight for their future against pollution, global warming and deforestation. Every human, animal, insect, and plant deserves hope and the chance of a better life.

On writing this book, I hope it touches with the younger generation who are our future and want to save this world. Through writing this manuscript and using the elemental world, bringing imagination to the forefront on ideas to assist our Earth in providing a better life for all and their duties for the great circle of life.

Author's Books
The Crystal Keys of Sidhe

Those who see beauty in all of nature will find themselves taken into this unseen world of mysteries by The Goddess of Sidhe, where she tells the secrets, challenges, and dangers that are endured by four elementals that test them to their limits, friendships, and self-worth through four different la...

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