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L.L. Nachov

The author has always been a fan of the unknown ever since early adulthood. A strong believer in our advanced development as a civilization and a supporter for a greener world. In his everyday life, he often mentions that he wants to live up to a person who will not let the future generations down.

A tough choice between love and family leaves the author in a very dark place mentally. After being diagnosed with clinical anxiety, the only escape available to him is through a world where he feels safe and protected. A book inspired by the darkest corners of his mind and a mere gaze at the endless night sky. During the years while writing, L. Nachov manages to fully recover and reaches out to a charitable foundation to help others like him.

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L.L. Nachov
Author's Books
In a Million Years – Evolution-Omnipotence

What would our civilisation be capable of if we were to endure the next one million years? Essentially one of the purposes of this book is to introduce the reader to a reality where they themself exist. With enough clues, thought-provoking explanations and immersive experiences, anyone could imagine...

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