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Malcolm Haslett

Malcolm Haslett has been involved in conflict situations from an early age. Brought up in Northern Ireland, he worked as a volunteer for two years in Rwanda, and for most of his career worked at the BBC World Service trying to explain Russia to the world, and – rather more difficult – the world to Russia. He is very happily married, with three adult children, and lives in London.

Author's Books
The Mountain on the Other Side of Light: Part Three

Bridget and Tom have entered the giant, smouldering volcano of Fles. They discover an astonishingly sophisticated community which uses the power of the mountain to transmit ‘thought messages’ back to the Realm of Omelyn.But a fierce struggle is taking place to decide what those ‘messages’ s...

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The Mountain on the Other Side of Light: The Search for the Opening

Lured to the troubled Realm of Omelyn by the sinister fairground clairvoyante Retsinis, Bridget and Tom find a land dominated by warring military factions. It is also devastated by fierce storms blowing from the giant, brooding volcano of Fles, which regularly smother the country in toxic waste, at ...

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The Mountain on the Other Side of Light: A Cry for Help

On holiday at a small seaside resort, Bridget meets Tom, whose aunt pilots the airship Goodcheer that takes lucky tourists on sightseeing trips around the bay. She does not guess what a role the airship will play in her life as she gazes out to sea with her wheelchair-bound brother and remarks casua...

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