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Mandy Mason

Mandy had a lot of experiences in life which helped her to positively transform and navigate the situations she faced. So far, within three years, she has successfully immigrated and assimilated into Australian society and rebuilt her educational management career.

In the Netherlands, Mandy is part of a support group which aims to transform the child support system. The committee would like child protection organisations to acknowledge and recognise (coercive) domestic violence, to work ‘evidence based’ and pleads for better child focused perspectives in parental disputes. They want to revolutionise the way cases such as Mandy’s are managed and advocate for greater care of the children.

Author's Books
Not Without Her Children

Leaving family, friends, and all her belongings behind, single mother Mandy, flees from the Netherlands with her two young children. Secretly emigrating to Australia, she escapes her vicious perpetrator to start a new life in a country she had never set foot in before. Mandy’s story spans the...

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