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Marc O'Brien

Realizing that the skills that he obtained from Barry University in 1988 while studying Communication Arts were important in daily life, Marc O’Brien decided to take his trade in a whole new direction. Living in Las Vegas, O’Brien has put together a strong portfolio of fictional works that challenge the reader to interpret and learn from his writings. Blue Note Publications were the first to bring his thoughts to the public when they assisted O’Brien through self-publishing Peter The Peteeatrick Panda’s Playground, Peter The Peteeatrick Panda and the Pandy Chip Pancakes and A Special Person to Ride.

Marc O'Brien
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The Final Fence: Sophomores In The Saddle

Fair Questions for a Feature Story Is a disability something that is subjective or is it objective? Is a diagnosis opinion or fact? The Final Fence: Sophomores in the Saddle authored by Marc O'Brien takes a creative and honest look into a life filled with support due to well meaning individuals th...

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