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Margaret Garth

Margaret Garth was born in Manchester. Despite an early desire to write novels, she studied Chemistry and Maths. Marriage resulted in a move to the Midlands and later to Norfolk. She now resides in Bedfordshire with her husband

Her imagination was kept lively by the demands of her children for stories. Her first book, The Witch of Bellue, was published by Austin Macauley in September 2015.


Margaret Garth
Author's Books
A Step Towards Unity

A princess is forever in the public eye, but she can enjoy herself. Andrela, Princess of Eland, but not heir to the throne, takes her fun wherever she can find it. Her light-heartedness is frequently deplored by her parents, but that does not inhibit her. She has her own priorities and her own ambit...

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The Battle Of Felten

Galts have invaded the north of Eland and hold the port of Felten. Annia, a well-born young woman, fears that they will move inland and take her grandfather's estate. Her father and brother were killed in the fight to retake the port. She needs protection and she desires revenge. Marriage might prov...

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