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Meg Whitelaw

Meg Whitelaw’s story started in the seventies when she was born into a single-parent family. She was raised in a working class, conservative community at a time when single-parent mothers were socially unacceptable. She keenly felt the hostility of her peers.

When a seemingly charming male entered her life at the age of eleven, she believed that fortune had smiled down on them. Never did she imagine that their saviour was a narcissistic abuser who was to subject them to a long reign of psychological tyranny, which they came to know as cohesive control.

Her story is one of survival despite crushing rejection and the pain of betrayal.

Author's Books
Perils of Eden

A girl grows up in poverty with a single-parent mother in a deprived, ’70s mining town. She is faced with the bigotry of peers and teachers alike but things take a turn for the worse when her mum meets a local man who turns out to be a controlling, narcissistic abuser.The girl, unable to fit in wi...

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