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Michael Lingaard

Michael Lingaard is a daydreamer. He was dragged around the world from a very early age – new countries, new people, new dreams. Born in England, he was taken as a young kid to Australia, where his parents had dreams of a new life. At twelve years of age, those dreams took them to New Zealand where college, then engineering gave him that which he draws on today: inquisitiveness, logic, appreciation of the written word, the ability to just think and day-dreaming. He later moved to Australia to chase a career, got married, had two children, then started a business. However, the daydreams never went away, so he decided to convert them into making stuff up and putting it down in books.

Author's Books
Jonathon Goode: Honorary Witch

Twelve thousand years ago the fabled island of Azlan, in a cataclysm of gigantic proportions, disappeared beneath the waves, and all her mysteries were lost with her.Or were they?Jonathon Goode and his cousin Elizabeth Waterhouse are told by a fairground fortune teller that they will meet an elf in...

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The Other Side of Magik

Imagine a world where history and nature took a slightly different path… Harold won the Battle of Hastings in 1066, the DNA spiral is left-handed, dragons are real, werewolves can get a pension, electricity doesn’t work…and magic does.England is a twenty-first-century world of steam buggies a...

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