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Michal Hall

Dr. Hall began his formal education with advancing bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees. He has been a Presbyterian minister, taught in colleges, and produced and did numerous television series on philosophy and religion. He also started seven large organizations to meet human needs. In recent years, he has researched the surge in the knowledge of science. He became aware of the fact that we are causing our specie’s extinction as we kill off the Earth’s animals, plants and ecosystems. He sees that the only way to reverse this is by humbly returning to our mother Earth.

Michal Hall
Author's Books
Rediscovering the Earth

Most people recognize that something is wrong, so they blame their leaders in governments, industry, religions, and numerous others. However, more and more people are coming to see that the problems are much deeper. They lie in who we have evolved to be…they lie in our species. With that in mind, ...

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