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Namdar Nasser

Namdar Nasser was born in Tehran, Iran in 1963. He works as a consultant in graphic design and is also active as a writer, translator, publisher and lecturer.
In his teens he experienced the social uprising that led to the monarchy being replaced by the current regime.
Just a few years later Namdar was forced to participate in the war with neighbouring Iraq, like so many young men of his generation. At twenty he left Iran and was marooned in Turkey for two years before he moved to Sweden in 1985.

Author's Books
Tehran, I am Your Voice in the World

When the final battle is overa scratch is enoughagainst the untuned windwhen the final battle is overthe wound is where the light enterswhen the final battle is overthe fairy tales grow beautiful againThe poems in this collection retell personal experiences but also trace the destiny of several othe...

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