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Naziha Mahmood

Born, raised and based in Karachi, Naziha began writing stories and rhymes in school but that wasn’t the accurate time to realise the veiled gift.

After spending nine years in aviation and another five in TV as a presenter, she pursued her inclination vis-à-vis human stories. In the recent years, being schooled in documentaries and poetry in London, she was privileged to excel as a beam of light.

Her work is equivalent to personal meditation. Essentially, she is the subject of her own work.

Using every wound as a prop and words as her weapons, she underscored some powerful thoughts that evolved as rhymes, signifying the customs and social barriers we impose on ourselves.

The measure of Naziha’s success is gratification within herself and the gracious reflections by some very special people in her life.

Her passion is her purpose and her purpose is to become the voice for the voiceless. She tenderly practices this mantra through her documentaries and rhymes!

She reaches every soul through her work. Commonly, roses are oblivious to their scent. This is the principal reason that Naziha’s heart instinctively focuses on withered warriors. She is every woman and every person struggling with dismissal and subdual who may find Jazb and Thorns of a Rose momentous with his or her spirit.

Author's Books
Thorns of a Rose / جزب

“When the blowing winds advocate to die…Hope and the light refuse to be shy…”Using every wound as a prop, every word as a weapon and her own life as a role model, Naziha Mahmood is fundamentally the subject of her own work. She is every person struggling with dismissal and subdual. From a fr...

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