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Neil Eccles

Neil Eccles is a father and a linguist with a flawed personality and an obtuse view on people, literature and music. He particularly enjoys running on the fells, listening to music, reading 19th and 20th century French literature and watching people in pubs.

He is 47 years old and this is his first book. He has no idea what he is doing–in writing this book or in life, generally.

Author's Books
Short Shrift

Jonny Hainsworth is an autistic, penniless orphan who lives in a caravan on his auntie’s farm. He never seems to get it right. William Mortensen is an erudite, successful lawyer who lives behind electric gates and has a gardener. He never seems to get it wrong.But not everything is as it seems.Wil...

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The Vituperation of Dr Derek Ramsbottom

We all like to play innocent. But no one is innocent. No one. So does that make us all guilty? Probably.A fatal car accident in a residential area close to a large, red-brick university. To the Emergency Services, a simple case of a skint, carefree and doped student running out of fuel at a busy jun...

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