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Neil Fulcher

Born and raised surrounded by heavy industry in the UK Yorkshire town of Rotherham, the vast majority of people around the author in the 1960s either worked in coal, steel or construction. In those days Rotherham was as hard as the steel it produced. Both men and woman were fiercely protective of their families, friends and hard won rights. Whole communities were forged together through their daily struggle to survive the polluted air, rivers and toxic chemical belching out from hundreds of factory chimneys. If you hung the washing out on any other day than a Monday it came in dirtier than it went out. Through all that hardship everyday life had plenty of belly laughs. It was that strong Rotherham camaraderie that allowed town folk to work hard and play harder. That ingrained search for fun, faith and fulfilment shaped Neil Fulcher’s journey which literally took him from this world into another becoming the greatest adventure ever experienced.

Author's Books
Phenomenon – The Greatest Adventure Ever Experienced

From the very dawn of time when humanity started to explore our blue planet there has also always been a compulsion to find our true origins – body, soul and spirit. In this modern age we accept that those origins came from a sun-drenched primordial pool full of organic sea sludge. If you trave...

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