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Nicole D Roberts

Nicole D Roberts has been called and chosen to feed God’s people with the truth. She is a mother of two boys. She is also an author, nurse, health visitor, speaker and law graduate. She started an LLM in September 2015 but had to put it on pause due to a change in circumstances. One of the reasons why she wanted to become a solicitor was to help empower and equip people with information that would allow them to confidently assert their rights.

However, her life has taken a different and fulfilling turn to be an instrument, servant and steward of the Most High God. She has been working in social care for over 24 years. She started her Christian journey in 1994 in Tobago and then moved to England in 1997. She started writing full-time in November 2015. Before that, she was just writing stories on pieces of paper and had visions and dreams of books in her head. She considers herself a global thinker and global visionary. She co-wrote a poem with her son when he was aged three, titled My First Poem, for a Young Writers Competition in 2014 and wrote a poem for her son when he was aged four, titled Dedicated to Mum, which won the Young Writers Competition in 2015. Both of these poems have been published by Young Writers.

Nicole absolutely loves writing books: Christian books, short stories, poetry and children stories. She is truly passionate about inspiring readers, empowering, enabling and equipping believers to fight the good fight of faith and helping people see themselves as God sees them. One of her global visions is to provide supportive housing for the homeless. She has served in a non-profit organization for the homeless and vulnerable ensuring they have support and hot meals when they visit the day-care centre. She is committed to spreading the message of enlightenment and is now the founder and host of the programme called Never Stop Praying Global TV aired on Believe In Your Dreams TV Network, Google Play and Roku.

Author's Books
The V.I.P Who Came to My School

The author wrote this story for her five-year-old son. It describes the excitement that children experience when anything new happens or they have someone important visiting their school. The visitor might be a person or a something that was living in the school garden all this time without them kn...

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