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Paul Francis

Combining his successful career as a professional musician,

(featuring tours, TV and film, radio, and session work) with

his academic profile within higher education, Paul continues

to enjoy his musical and creative journey. Alongside his

performance and educating duties, Paul is also the co-inventor

of The Pegmate—a revolutionary tuning aid for orchestral

stringed instruments. Having had musical works and books

published, he now extends his portfolio with Driving a Cat to

Portugal and Building a House When We Get There.

When not ‘music-ing!’ Paul can be found watching his

favoured sport of Rugby League.

Paul Francis
Author's Books
Driving a Cat to Portugal and Building a House When We Get There

While waiting to board a plane for our annual holiday, my wife and I exchanged a few words,Me: ‘Where’s Faro?’Wife: ‘Portugal.’Little did we know, that fleeting conversation would lay the blueprint for our future. Soon, the allure of Portugal would not only inspire our next holiday des...

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