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Pauline Gibb

Pauline is known for her quick wit and quirky sense of humour which is reflected in everything she does including her writing. She is passionate about many things; most importantly her daughter Georgia. She enjoys a close circle of friends, loves her animals and the odd glass or five of red wine.

She has a very impressive and eclectic range of creative and artistic talents which she uses to positively inspire others. She is practical and realistic about life and knows what it is like to “do it tough” having grown up in a housing commission area where she was the only member of her family to graduate from secondary school and go on to study a university degree becoming a teacher and later an educational administrator.

Writing has always been one of Pauline’s key interests so she took the opportunity to follow that passion when a forced sabbatical saw her temporarily cease full-time employment two years ago. She has since written several stories, Kiki being the first to be published.

Author's Books
Elephants Do Cry

Innocence it is said, is a naïve and idealistic view of the world naturally occurring from a lack of experience. This was certainly true for Hugo, a young African forest elephant. He loved his family and the uncomplicated life he had as part of the herd into which he was born. Sheltered from the e...

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Kiki - Perfectly Imperfect


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