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Peter Tyrer

Peter Tyrer is a retired Professor of Community Psychiatry from Imperial College, London. His special interest is in personality, and he believes that our personalities are primarily responsible for what we do and how we behave. In the course of his long career, he has come across many unusual personalities, many mysterious events and some unexpected deaths. This book is partly derived from these experiences but is different as it covers a period of over 400 years. But good mysteries often take many years to be unravelled and this one still has a sting, or possibly a bonus, hidden in its tail.

Peter Tyrer
Author's Books
The Watermeadow Mystery

Frothy Watermeadow is the lord of an idyllic estate, Watermeadow, ridden with debt for generations. Legend has it the estate has buried gold, which seems like the only solution to Frothy’s mounting problems with demanding creditors. The resident geologist Rock Solid finds some promising flakes and...

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