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Phil Marsh

The author started out writing songs for the obligatory token rock band at high school. Most of these songs started as or became poems. As the author got older and became a trained nurse for the NHS, creative writing was replaced by essays and course studies. Then one day he became a father, with excitable children and vivid imaginations in the same room, tent, car. Stories were created from thin air. Phil Marsh started writing these tales down and on the many trips they made as a unit, weaved folklore and imagination together. All characters in his books are fiction but, in his mind, they are real.

Phil Marsh
Author's Books
The Giant, The Witch & The Rainbow

Shiara is a wise woman, a woman who will do only good. Unless bad things happen. Then she will do whatever it takes to make it right again, even if it is the wrong thing to do at the time. Her familiar, a Lynx, has gone missing. Stolen by a vicious Giant who will stop at nothing to take over the lan...

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