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Phoebe Mamaloukas

Phoebe Mamaloukas was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. She was always a passionate person, actively supporting diversity and freedom of expression. When she started discovering her identity at the age of 12, she realised that art was an amazing way to use that passion productively and to inspire others. While at the same time exploring a love for Math and Science, she never stopped writing and even became an active member of her high school’s creative writing club. Currently Phoebe is a 19-year-old student of Computer Science and AI at the University of Edinburgh, but she still manages to maintain a balance between her studies and writing. Phoebe’s goal is to show other ambitious people that having more than one passion is a strength rather than a cause for confusion.

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I'm Talking to You

Darkness. The wildest time of the day. A time that floats between the warm colours of the sunset and the deadly silence of the night, when there is no sun nor moon and the red eyes of Lucifer are the only objects dominating the blackness. The city is calm, not asleep; such monstrosities never silenc...

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