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Joseph Pirrello

Joseph Pirrello is a onetime jazz musician who found his way into the writing life in 2015. Having spent two years in Tuscany, studying classical piano, he immersed himself into the world of art and poetry. Being profoundly influenced by writers such as C.S. Lewis and other prominent Christian writers, Pirrello considers himself akin to the life of mysticism and spends much of his time in meditation.


Author's Books
An Autobiographical Meditation: The Dislodged Goldfish

In An Autobiographical Meditation: The Dislodged Goldfish, the journey traversed is as serpentine as the paths of life for those whose existence defies conformity. While some seamlessly blend into societal moulds, others are destined to a life reminiscent of a dragon’s breath: intense, fiery, and ...

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Dear Daddy: Cultivated with the Spade of Conviction

Working and striving ahead like a locomotive, he dodged every conceivable bullet, but his last, the diagnosis with his ultimate enemy, bone cancer. The lightning bolts of racism coming his way were dealt with boldness never flinching. He guarded his family like an eagle looking from above towards it...

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