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Ray White

The author is a retired highly qualified engineer who has worked for a number of international consultants, specialising in the design and construction of major tunnelling and infrastructure projects.

During his career, he has also been interested in the development of oil and gas drilling technology, which is one of the main reasons for writing this book. Additionally, Ray has a passion for mining archaeology, which again is expressed in this novel.

Having lived in Northern Cyprus with his late wife, Madeleine, he observed a structure to the rear of their property, which the locals called Vounos and were adamant that it was an ancient burial site. To Ray, it was more than that and was almost certainly a spoil heap from the Bronze Age mine workings. In fact, you could see where the old miners had excavated into the side of the Kyrenia Mountain Range at the rear of Vounos.

That’s how this book was conceived and developed.

Author's Books
Legacy of Vounos

This book begins with the history of Cyprus from the Bronze Age to the present day and uses hypothetical events during the ages and its occupations. A retired couple decides to live in what is now called The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Ray is a retired mining engineer and his wife, Chantel,...

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