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Reet Mann

Men or women, young or old—we all need to be loved, cherished and celebrated.

The day we realise this and know we are Worth It, that’s the day we stop seeking this validation from outside. We look for everything that can make us happy within—and find it just there!

This is my journey—the most important one; I took it to rediscover myself. I found myself, glorious and blessed than ever was. On the way, I found God—the infinite power and He has been with me since.

We all can rise above it, no matter how ugly, painful and disgraceful ‘it’ has been. Even if one person somewhere on the globe can get an atom of energy, a ray of hope or envisage a calling and grow from it, after reading this book, I would feel sharing my life with you has been Worth It!

Reet Mann
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Worth It!

Heer Shergill was relishing a dream life when she suddenly finds herself falling into an abyss. Enduring disaster in every way possible, when no mortal comes to her aid, she has no choice but to look within. She can now trust no one but listens to and follows her inner voice.She tries to fix everyon...

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