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Ron Hicks

Hi, as a young man before the days of TV and many radio stations, Ron spent countless happy hours reading for pleasure. He read comics with stories, the William books for laughter, as well as adventure tales, war and events, western yarns, detective magazines, Dickens, in fact a great variety. Ron believes reading with ability to understand and analyse opens the door (or book) to all man’s knowledge, inventions and relaxations. Writing is an extension to reading which Ron enjoys.

Author's Books
A Boy called Josh

Josh's life changes when he finds an old pipe with a face carved into it on the beach.Blowing bubbles through it, he is transported back in time to the Spanish Armada. With cannons booming, Josh must help the crew of The Revenge capture a Spanish galleon......

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Squidge from the Planet Splodge

Squidge and Computer’s task is to establish good relations between Earth and Splodge. Culture differences create problems, as do other aliens who are enemies of Splodge. They are close to despair when the tables are turned. How to combat a tenacious enemy? Read on to find out in this exciting adve...

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Gershwin The Bay Pony

Gershwin says that he is a good pony, who would do nothing to hurt his rider. He and his rider love each other and he enjoys being a member of her family, who all love him. He shows his love for them by his especial horsey behaviour....

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Grumpy Stories

Ron Hicks presents a series of fun, imaginative children's tales!In Chuckles the Car, the title character is sad because he's old and rusty. But is speed and beauty all it's cracked up to be?A Tail of Sammy Squirrel follows the mischievous Sammy's mission to get past the big dogs in the garden to re...

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