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Roy Lancaster

Roy Lancaster was born in London and qualified as an architect, designing many projects throughout the Middle East, where he opened an office and spent most of his architectural working life. After retirement, he took up writing, mainly children's material. He now lives in Cheltenham with his wife.

Author's Books
Macbeth and Julius Caesar

Macbeth, with the murder on his mind, has a vision.“Is this a dagger I can see… see but cannot touch?The hilt is turned toward my hand, but still… I cannot clutch.It is a dagger… of the mind to lead me to his roomAlthough unreal, it’s like the one I draw to seal his doom.”He draws his da...

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Othello and A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Cunningly, and little by little, Iago begins to undermine Othello’s faith in Desdemona’s fidelity whilst appearing to be reluctant to say anything at all…“So, speak to me your feelings, the good as well as bad.”“Oh my Lord,” replied Iago, “such an order makes me sad,For although in a...

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Romeo and Juliet & The Merchant of Venice

Shylock speaks: "This man abused me, so many times, laughed at my loses… my gains Scorned my people, thwarted my deals… causing such heartfelt pains He's heated my foes, cooled off my friends, why does he do such things? I'm not of his race or religion… from that… his enmity springs. ...

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Hamlet and Richard III

Richard speaks his thoughts:'But I—born crude, with hum-ped back and wretched, misformed shape, whose visage makes dogs snarl and bark, and grown men stand and gape—am not well built for sporting tricks, 'tis plain for all to see, a lover I will never prove, so villain I will be.'With this simpl...

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