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Roy Layfield PhD

Roy Layfield PhD began his career as a medical research scientist, first with the completion of his bachelor of science joint honours degree in biochemistry and physiology at Preston Polytechnic in the UK and soon followed with a PhD in molecular biology from the Krebs Institute, Sheffield University, also in the UK.

Being one of the first students there to complete the necessary research and submit his thesis within a three-year period, he then migrated to Australia in the position of post-doctoral research fellow with the University of Queensland. There he worked with numerous colleagues and projects ranging from genetic causes of dementia through to the genetics underlying development of the early immune system.

In 1992, he was recognised among the top five young scientists in Queensland for outstanding contributions to medical research. With numerous clinical publications to his name, he eventually turned away from academia and made the bold move into the very uncertain world of sales. Learning to use his persuasive and gentle nature to sell in a highly competitive and very demanding direct sales market outside of healthcare, he quickly established himself as one of the leading salespeople in the team, taking the role of state sales manager after just six months and leading his teams to success for many years.

Eventually moving into the medical sales market, he continued to build his skills in selling to a wide range of medical practitioners and associated healthcare workers, again with tremendous success. Having held a variety of sales and sales management roles with some of the pharmaceutical industry giants (including Warner-Lambert, Parke-Davies, Pfizer and 3M Pharmaceuticals), he also built a medical sales training business (Meditech Corporate Pty Ltd) from scratch and helped many others start their medical sales career too. He then moved into the medical consumable side of the market with leading companies such as Olympus Australia and achieved significant success once again in the endoscopic markets before finally taking a capital equipment role in the highly specialised respiratory portfolio. His breadth of knowledge, clinical expertise and medical sales experience is vast.

Over the course of his career, he has developed a keen understanding of these markets and the different challenges that they bring and has been recognised many times over with sales and marketing awards for his outstanding contributions and the development of key strategies for success. Roy has a unique ability to take complex ideas and translate them in the very simplest of ways, because one of his key strengths lies in teaching, something for which he has great passion and a natural flair.

Combined with his love of writing, he now enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience not just in medical sales but also in the self-help area (NLP and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and life coaching fields too. He continues to build his skills in all areas and to share them far and wide.

Currently living and writing from his home in the western suburbs of Brisbane, Australia, with his deeply loved wife and family to spur him on, he looks always to the next chapter and the wonderful nature of life, which allows him to impact others in a very significant and positive way. His single and simple philosophy in life is to be grateful for everything, as you give plenty back.

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