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Ruby Steele

Ruby Steele began her working career as a secretary in industry, before changing direction into the management of large building complexes. She lives in the West Midlands with her partner, Ron, and has two grown-up children. She is the author of Smeakmaster.

Ruby’s eclectic range of interests included photography, garden history and world-wide travel. Now retired, she keeps active by practicing Tai-chi and yoga, and has trekked in the foothills of the Himalayas and Bhutan.

To keep her mind active, she does cryptic crosswords, and of course, she wrote this book!

Author's Books

What on earth was happening? Another day dawned in the Great Estate, the townsfolk felt drained of energy and life was being drawn from the land. It had happened so gradually that many did not notice, but residents at Ull realised that something was very wrong!So begins a journey with Penn Maegwyth,...

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The land is under attack from snowstorms. Each flake is warm to the touch, and when it reaches the ground, it fizzles and sizzles, then soaks in, leaving a small heat haze over the area, and eventually this poisons the ground underneath.Whonose, a Master Shipwright, is in contact with his sister, Wh...

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