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S L Slaven

I come from a single parent family. I lived with my mum and my nan and grandad to begin with in Wickford in Essex until I was three years old, then it was just me and my mum who moved together to Basildon.

I was brought up well. I was a good kid: well-behaved, polite and very respectful to my elders. I knew the rules and I abided by them. But somehow…

From a very young age I got into a life of crime, violence and drugs which spiralled out of control very quickly. I completely abused my brain which has now left me with severe mental issues. I suffer with acute transient psychotic disorder, paranoid schizophrenia, OCD, and severe anxiety disorder which makes my life very difficult every single day, from the lasting effects of the life I once lived. By the time that I finish writing this story and it is through the publishing process, I hope to be in a different place in my life and in my head. Let’s see if I can make it.

If you have bought this book then I would like to thank you for helping me turn my life around. My aim is to make enough money to not just change mine and my family’s life but to help others that are in the position that I once was at a young age, and stop them from suffering mentally in years to come just as I am as I begin this story. A life of violence, crime and drugs will follow you all your life unless you get out before you get too deep. I got too deep and now I suffer for it! But will I forever? or can I turn it around and find peace and return to the respectful person that I was brought up to be at such a young age?

Even a good kid can turn bad!

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Love or Money

Based on true events. Scott, a boy from a broken but good home suffers years of bullying from a very young age all before turning to fight back. And he quickly gets a taste for it as he realises he can fight back. He is more than capable of hurting people, which pretty much sets the tone for the fut...

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