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Sarah Earl

Sarah Earl lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband and three young children.

"I have always enjoyed stories which take well-known myths and legends and give them a twist. I hope you enjoy the first book of The Rise of Darkness series."


Sarah Earl
Author's Books
The War of Darkness

There will come a time when the sacrifice of one will alter the tide…Having left her Haven in search of the Augur, Kess discovers that Rome is but the first step in her journey. Desperate to rid herself of the cryptic writing covering her, Kess must now find a way to enter Heaven, to seek the aid ...

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The Rise of Darkness

For centuries the Chroniclers have been the keepers of knowledge, history, and tradition. Living and working in the various Havens around the world, the Chroniclers are protected by the Guardians, warriors sworn to shield them from harm. Kess Grayson is a Chronicler, like her mother before her, but...

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