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Sarah Hope Markov

Sarah Hope Markov was born in Ingham, North Queensland, in Australia near a beautiful rainforest on the 18th August 1989. She moved to the South Burnett in the lower part of Queensland in a little town called Blackbutt when she was just under three years of age. Sarah grew up in the country where her father built the house that she lived in until she was eight. In the country, she played in the bush, building cubby houses and bridges and playing hide-and-seek with her two younger siblings.

Sarah played tennis professionally for the following 10–11 years until the age of 17. She continued to do home-schooling and graduated with a good GPA and then proceeded to enter university at the age of 16. At the age of 30, with a few deferments during the course due to other personal commitments, she graduated. During her studies at university, she wrote this book, The Matrix and God.


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The Matrix and God

Join God and Sarah on a journey of wonder and action; there is a lot of adventure and Satan makes an appearance as well. You will see what evil plan Satan has in store for them. God and Sarah form a romantic relationship with lots of twists and turns. God is a cheerful quirky sort of fellow that lov...

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