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Søren Krause

Since childhood, Søren Krause has been interested in the big question of life. It brought him in many directions, e.g., philosophy, religion, and spiritualism, and raised many existential questions.

The second track came through his work, where he has been responsible for large projects. He realised that one significant challenge was to overcome people’s reservations about change. It intensified his interest in human resources, which has been his working area for about 20 years. On the way, he has joined more programs, e.g., certified coach, that deals with overcoming counterproductive beliefs to achieve one’s aims.

Søren Krause
Author's Books
The Rainbow Portal of Beliefs

Dear Reader, how do you feel about your life? Is it fulfilling and meaningful? Or do you feel that something is missing? During my life journey, I realised that each of us has a mission or a call, which we often tend to be more or less conscious about. And when we succeed in finding it, we become hi...

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