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Sterling Waterfield

Born by the sea, and raised in a beautiful country setting, Sterling Waterfield grew to love adventure as much as she loves the glimmer of the sun on the ocean, the birds of the forest, the beautiful blue sky, and all of God’s creatures. At the age of 11, she began writing The Last Survivor. She finished it at age 13. She is currently enrolled in writing courses at Canterbury, Columbia University, and Oxford University. She hopes the readers will enjoy The Last Survivor as much as she enjoyed writing it, and she looks forward to writing again. For more of Sterling’s work, please visit,

Author's Books
The Last Survivor

The astonishing tale of Spottedfur the Wildfire Cat begins with Survivor Clan, Windwarrior, Ricky, Saphi, and Freya.Adventure through a world where conch horns blow, there is no time for speeches, and the armies of Windwarrior and Survivor Clan start silently forward. Take a stand alongside them as ...

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