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Tara Higgins

After losing her childhood sweetheart to suicide, Tara has been suffering with her mental health, spending three months in a psychiatric hospital. After a battle of 12 months fighting her own mind after suffering a psychosis, she began putting her mixed and paranoid thoughts on paper in the form of poetry. Believing everyone was “out to get her”, her fear turned to survival as she fought authority to finish what she started with the government and the corruption behind them. Split in two worlds, this one and the one where her lover and friend returned as an angel to fight the darkness and bring light back into her life. A world where magic is real and fairies are guides to other realms.

Author's Books
Untold Story

A thousand dreams shattered, gone in the wind. A lifetime of hope gone in a moment. Death comes to us all eventually, but how does one deal with the grief and heartbreak?When a once shy and timid girl loses her childhood sweetheart, her first and the only real love she’s ever known, she must soldi...

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