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Tara Ingham

Australian author Tara Ingham began writing at 14, quickly developing a love for the written word. She went on to undertake a tertiary writing course in 2010 and then study creative writing and literature at University. After graduating in 2014, Tara completed her fourth full manuscript and began editing on a casual basis.

Author's Books
Once I Rebel

Mina knows who she was, who she is, and it’s time she learned who she’ll become.Over two years have passed since Mina Hurley awoke as a revenant to discover she’d been murdered. Two years during which she’d been pursued, tortured and ultimately forced to become a hunter herself, tracking and...

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Once I Remember

Mina remembers everything, and she’s pissed.Months have passed since Mina Hurley regained her memories after being horrifically murdered and waking to find herself risen as a revenant, and Veronica, the fisher responsible, is still in the wind. But not for much longer, if she has a say in the matt...

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Once I Rise

In Once I Rise, Tara Ingham transports us to a hidden world where selected victims find themselves if they are unfortunate enough to suffer an unjust death. In this strange and fascinating place, a fledgling revenant can help Johnathan, a revenant sire who is able to interact between the two worlds,...

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