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The Ganges Teacher

The Ganges Teacher is a doctor specialising in radiology, a branch of science dealing with the use of x-rays and other forms of radiation for diagnosis of disease. He is actively involved in teaching radiology trainees in the UK and has published academic articles in medical journals. He has been involved in writing a book for radiology trainees which came into the market last year.

Well known amongst friends and colleagues for academic accomplishments and keenness to learn, The Ganges Teacher is also an ardent student of philosophy and the infinite reaches of the human mind. He lives in the UK, with his family and two children. Other than writing poetry and short stories, The Ganges Teacher loves painting and is obsessed with the fine art of taking pictures of benches…

The Ganges Teacher
Author's Books
Frequently Rubbish with Flashes of Brilliance

“I rode ’cross the mountains from morning to duskThrough waters and torrents, with claws and tuskThrough crumbs and poetry, through armours and rustFrom ashes to ashes and dust to dust.A look in the water to check my reflectionFrom ripple to ripple, through greed and deceptionThrough an act of l...

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