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Trevor C Allonby

This biographical story is about Trevor C Allonby’s early life when he was a youngster, from the ages of five and a half to seven. The story starts after a short school holiday when he returns back to school. The time is around 1945 just after the war had finished, however, there was still rationing which made it difficult to get most foods. In his early school life, he had problems because he was a shy boy. He also had many issues with his father who had just come home from the war and had drinking problems along with severe jealousy. This meant that both he and his mother used to get beaten up on a regular basis.

Author's Books
My Young Life and Experience after 1945

“Mum, where is Dad, has he gone to bed?”I didn't know where my dad had gone because he just disappeared. I should really have got used to my dad getting drunk because he seemed to spend a lot of time drinking. But when I think about it, his drunkenness didn’t bother me too much: it was the...

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