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Umesh Moudgil

Umesh Moudgil was born in India in 1965 and moved to the United Kingdom with his parents in 1970. As a young boy growing up, he experienced all the changes to our multiracial society. Always very shy, he enjoyed writing and had fun in his school years. Growing up in a close-knit Indian household, family was key for him; he has three siblings, all older than him. His parents were the rocks growing up and always wanted the best. Umesh, however, did not want to study and he would always be asking questions. Now married with three children, writing is a form where he can express himself and bring his characters to life. His beliefs are seen clearly in his writing and his characters show the emotions that he feels are good.

Author's Books
Brothers in Arms

The colour of your skin or where you come from should never affect how people look at you. The world changed after September 2001, when the twin towers were downed by two highjacked aircraft crashing into them and into the Pentagon. People of all creed and colour condemned the attacks and the murder...

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